OpenBSD's Perl Libtool for IRIX. Requires Perl 5.20 or later.
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An experimental port of OpenBSD's perl-based libtool


GNU Libtool is slower on IRIX due to it using, generally, GNU bash. By porting the perl-based version from OpenBSD, we ensure that we have something that works a bit faster.


GNU M4, Make, Autoconf/Automake, an acceptable troff/nroff/groff implementation, and Perl 5.20 or later.


An install script will be provided once testing is completed. The general manual procedure is:

  1. Drop the contents of the perl-modules in your updated perl's directory

  2. Drop the libtool script somewhere in PATH, such as /usr/bsd (default test location)

  3. Drop the manpage, if desired, in your manpage search path.

  4. Double check permissions of the modules and files


ISC, as per OpenBSD's source tree other than the m4 macro file, which appears to be GPLv2


Obtained from OpenBSD's CVS. You can view it on the web here: