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# Libtool-IRIX
An experimental port of OpenBSD's perl-based libtool
## Why?
GNU Libtool is slower on IRIX due to it using, generally, GNU bash. By porting the perl-based version from OpenBSD, we ensure that we have something that works a bit faster.
## Requirements
GNU M4, Make, Autoconf/Automake, an acceptable troff/nroff/groff implementation, and Perl 5.20 or later.
## Installation
An install script will be provided once testing is completed. The general manual procedure is:
1. Drop the contents of the perl-modules in your updated perl's directory
2. Drop the libtool script somewhere in PATH, such as /usr/bsd (default test location)
3. Drop the manpage, if desired, in your manpage search path.
4. Double check permissions of the modules and files
## Licensing
ISC, as per OpenBSD's source tree other than the m4 macro file, which appears to be GPLv2
## Source
Obtained from OpenBSD's CVS. You can view it on the web here: