Kazuo Kuroi Raion
  • The Carolinas
  • https://irixnet.org
  • IRIX Network founder, main sysadmin and architect.

  • Joined on Mar 03, 2020
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libxg is a library designed on the principle of GNUlib, but designed to easily be shoehorned into a program, BSD licensed, and improves irix portability.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A repository for IRIX version of pcc.

Updated 2 months ago

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A collection of source code and patches for software being ported to IRIX.

Updated 3 months ago

The patchset and open specification that is IRIX Community Edition's Patchsets.

Updated 3 months ago

The new utilities ported/developed for IRIX go here. All commits after initial commits of each util are licensed under the MIT License. All commits original to each ported util are licensed under the respective LICENSE file in their directory.

Updated 3 months ago

Old versions of mplayer for IRIX contributed by various Nekochanners (see README)

Updated 2 years ago

OpenBSD's Perl Libtool for IRIX. Requires Perl 5.20 or later.

Updated 2 years ago