A rudimentary USB driver for IRIX contributed by forum user BSDero.
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USB stack for Irix
What's is USB4Irix?
USB4Irix is an effort to have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) stack in workstations with SGI Irix 6.x.
It includes USB kernel modules, test and X11 tools.
What's is it's status?
USB4Irix is in a very preliminar pre-alpha state and currently is under development and testing.
Currently only USB1.0 keyboards and mice works. However there is work in progress and another devices
will be supported soon.
As the status of device drivers are pre-alpha, crashes and things like that may happen. However
a crash dump information recovery tool is included also with information that may be helpful to
debug kernel modules.
Which USB hubs are being supported?
I'm currently testing the VIA VT6212 cards. I would like to test another ones, but this is the only one I
Which SGI machine are u using for development?
All the tests and proofs machine are being executed in my own Fuel MIPS R14000, with Irix 6.5.30
Compiler used is MipsPro 7.4.4
Which are your current efforts?
Right now I'm focused in finishing the EHCI module and working in USB Mass Storage support. A SCSI-USB subsystem
and a FAT16/FAT32 driver will be needed also.
How can I help?
If you have an SGI machine with a USB controller, it would be way helpful for porting/debugging tasks.
Maybe u can help by testing the stack. Some money/hw/books donations would be helpful too.
Architecture and binaries
We have some binaries and modules:
Kernel modules:
Test utilities:
usbtool: Testing tool for USB modules
xusbnotifier: USB Events notifier for X11
xusbhid: USB4Irix mouse and keyboard support for X11